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Similar concerns were expressed in January 2017 by the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board.120 In its advice to the Gambling Commission for the 2017 DCMS review of gaming machines and social responsibility measures, it said: “Appropriate staffing levels are key to the detection and mitigation of harmful play

There must be serious doubt about the extent to which a single member of staff on their own in a betting shop, even at less busy times of the day or night, can simultaneously look after the counter, remain alert to the possibility of under-age play and money laundering, and still be expected to identify potentially harmful play and make appropriate interventions.

The Gambling Commission should ask all operators to review safe staffing levels. Larger operators should be required specifically to address staffing levels and safety (of employees as well as players) in their annual assurance statements.”

We are not aware that the Gambling Commission followed this advice, or that operators have addressed this issue. We agree that it is undesirable that a betting shop should have only one member of staff at any time, but especially in the evening, or if the lay-out of the shop does not allow one member of staff to supervise the whole premises.

We have considered whether to recommend that a condition should be attached to premises’ licences requiring at least two members of staff to be present whenever the premises are open to the public. However, we have not taken evidence on this from the industry, and we recognise that this would have financial consequences, particularly for smaller operators.



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